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Your Endodontic specialty practice in northwest Indiana

Valparaiso , IN • Merrillville, IN • La Porte, IN


General Information

Common Questions

Will I need to return to your office for follow-ups after the procedure is finished?

As a courtesy to all our patients, we offer a follow up x-ray at no additional cost to the patient. This service is available 6 months after treatment and a second x-ray 2 years following treatment. A reminder slip will be provided at the final treament.

Will a root canal be a painful procedure?

No..A root canal should be no more uncomfortable than having  a dental filling.  We ensure you are adequately numbed prior to beginning the proceedure.

Would it be better to extract my tooth?

No.  Keeping your teeth is fundamental to maintaining good oral health

Will I eventually lose my tooth after having a root canal?

No.  Your restored tooth should last as long as your regular natural teeth with proper dental care.